5 Reasons You Need To Buy A Smurf

There are many reasons why a player might want to pick up a LoL account, and we’ll try to detail here!

The list of pros that comes with when you buy a League of Legends Smurf is too expansive to fully look at here, but we will do our best.

You’re A Acclaimed Professional Player

This reason likely does not apply to many of you, but it is a very good reason to pick up a LoL smurf.

If you’re famous enough to stream on Twitch or are a Youtuber then chances are that sometimes you want to relax without having teammates recognize you. It may seem silly but many people will consciously troll a match just because a player who is well known is in the same match.

Even if they don’t consciously throw the game away with both hands they’ll definitely camp until you are ready to end it all.

Even if they don’t act like this having a smurf to fall back on is a great idea, as it’s enjoyable to hide your identity for several hours.

Playing With Friends

If you higher than Gold then the chances are that you have that one person on your friends list who always sends you an invite for a match the moment you log in.

They’ll be all friendly but the minute the situation begins to go badly he afks. Someone like this is obviously not a guy you want to play with, as it will result in a boatload of losses. So what do you do? Ignoring him is always aanoption.

But by doing this you run the risk of turn your friend against you, which means you have to ask yourself – do you love your buddy more or your LP?

Why choose though, there is a 3rd option after all. You can buy a League of Legends smurf and save yourself tons disappointment, not only that, but they will probably be grateful you boosted them to a higher division.

Playing On A Different Server

This might not apply to you, but the odds are high that you have a pal who resides in a different country and in order to play with him, you will need a LoL account.

Don’t think that just because you don’t have any friends in a foreign region you don’t need a smurf, as they’re also necessary for people who are overseas because of their military service. If you ask us, people who go to war for their country should receive free transfers, but as it stands Riots transfer fees are astronomical.

Make sure you go through the prices before switching regions as with time it will be better to purchase a League of Legends smurf.


Improving at LoL

All players reach a point when we can’t progress any further, this normally takes place when people hit Gold 5. We have done mountains of studies into why players drop in skill level when playing in this precise point on the ranked ladder, and our discoveries leads us to believe that when a player reaches this specific ranking, they begin to worry. Sure, their 1st match might go like clockwork, but then the 2nd match catches you off guard, five minutes in, and already the situation has been completely ruined. The Inhibitors have been crushed to trash, and naturally, your teammates are screeching angrily.

It is far too late to still be up and you’re about to fall unconscious on your keyboard, but you do not want to end the night on a down note. You play one more game.

Then you find yourself staring at a defeast screen. You play a few more, in the hopes that you might gain your hard earned LP back. This is your spiral into the pit that is elo hell.

If you cannot stop tilting then you have got to grab a League of Legends smurf, since they give you the power to practice in a challenging few games without needing to be concerned about losing any more LP.

You Want To Look Stylish

It is in our nature to wish to peacock, regardless of we might object to this.

What does a skin give you, besides making you look snazzy? Nothing whatsoever, but yet we buy them regardless, this is due to the fact that we like standing out.

A lot of LoL smurf sellers will give you tons of rare skins, that are sure to make all your friends jealous!

It’s vital that you choose the League of Legends smurf provder that you’re going to use carefully and only after lengthy research. Tons of people will pinch your cash and leave you with no account and a bad temper.

This problem can be avoided if people simply check out the background of sites we wish to shop at.

Do not let that scare you from purchasing a LoL account though! If you are a guy who does not have friends in foreign servers, if you do not like to be a beacon of style, then do not burn your money on a LoL account. If you do not like to have the chance to play in a hard enviroment, without losing your League Points, and if you aren’t a well known player, then don’t do it.

But, if all of the above points count for you, then buy a lol account!

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